Northeastern Scheduler

API for class scheduling at Northeastern. Scraped data using Python3, BeautifulSoup and PostreSQL. Service built with Flask.

Rubik's Cube Robot

Robot built using 3D printed hardware, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and 8 servo motors that can solve a Rubik's cube in ~30 seconds.

Music Player

Music Player + Editor implemented in Java built for CS3500 Object Oriented Design.


Hashmap implementation in C++ and Python.

Parallel Hashmap

Coarse grained, fine grained, and lock free implementaiton of a parallel hashmap in C++.

EECE 5639 Computer Vision

Various implementations of computer vision algorithms from EECE 5639 in Matlab.

Parallel Sieve

Implementation of a parallel Sieve of Eranthoses

Dining Philosophers

Implementation of dining philosopher's problem using pthreads and OpenMP.